How to Professionalise your NGO and attract more Funding and Donations!



Today the Voluntary / NGO sector is seeing drastic changes.

Many Funding Agencies now see India as a developed country as compared to some African and South-East Asian countries. So their funding priorities are also changing to these countries. Foriegn Funding Agencies who have been traditionally focusing on various social issues in India are now gradually scaling down the level of funding or have completely ceased funding.

The level of Government Grants available to NGO sector is also gradually coming down. More and more Government are either working on implementing the projects by their own departments or are engaging in Public Private Partnerships with various corporates and other agencies. So the NGOs who have been solely depending on Government Grants, are finding it impossible to function even at a basic level without these grants.

The Corporate sector in India is also becoming more and more conscious of their social responsibilities and have started exclusive Corporate Social Responsibility wings. Having huge funds at their disposal and employing full time development professionals, CSRs are taking up projects directly  and are competing with the NGO sector.

Even Individual Donors have become more conscious about the professionalism and competency of the NGOs to which they are donating and how these NGOs are using their donations. Before getting involved with any NGO, Individual Donors want to be sure about the credibilty of that NGO   and are looking for professionalism in the NGO, their projects, activities, etc.

Under this greately changed scenario, while some NGOs are not able to understand how to cope up with all these changes and not able to think of strategy on how they can get funding/donations and survive, some NGOs are thriving.

So how are some NGOs thriving while some are struggling to survive?

In this blog we try to understand how some NGOs are able to thrive in a competitive environment and how any NGO can also empower itself to succeed.

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