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Read our Blog on "How to Professionalise your NGO and Attract more Funding and Donations"and send us your Feedback / Comments
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Videos on Benefits of Professional NGO Website

Check out a few Video Interviews of the Actual Responses / Benefits received by our featured NGO Clients on their Websites:

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NGO Meetup in your City

Word World Wide Publications - for NGOs
  Read 'Word World Wide Publishers' - NGO Books and Get Knowledge / Information that can help you Transform your NGO and get Funds / Donations
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Learn "How to get Good Response on your NGO Website"

Even after seeing our Client Videos, if you are not fully convinced that your NGO can also get such response/online donations/support from your NGO Website, we are happy to inform you that we are organizing NGO Meet Up in all District Headquarters.

The NGO Meet Up will have presentations on “How NGOs can use Websites and Internet to get more Funding and Donations” to educate our esteemed NGO clients on Websites and Internet.

We urge you to contact us immediately and send us a email expressing your interest. We will get back with confirmed dates, venue and time.

Please hurry up, as we can accommodate only limited numbers at each venue. (Note: We are looking for 30-40 participants at each venue, if you help us mobilise this number of participants in your district we can immediately finalise the date and venue in your district).

Else if you would like to see this presentation at an early date, you can come to our office whenever you are in Hyderabad and we can arrange for the presentation for you with a cup of coffee.

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