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Word World Wide Publications - for NGOs
  Read 'Word World Wide Publishers' - NGO Books and Get Knowledge / Information that can help you Transform your NGO and get Funds / Donations
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Raising Funds Online for your Nonprofit / NGO, may be easier than you imagine!!

All it takes is planning and developing a right Professional NGO / Nonprofit Website. A professional NGO website design which can project your NGO / Nonprofit / Voluntary Organisation as credible, professional, reliable and trustworthy organisation.We have qualified Social Workers, who can understand the needs of an NGO / Nonprofit, it's Vision, Mission, Objectives, Projects and design a professional NGO / Nonprofit website which can convince individual Donors, Institutional Donors, Corporates to make a decision to support your NGO/ Nonprofit.

GenieWebs.com's goal
is to facilitate individual supporters, NRIs, Corporates & Funding Agencies reach your NGOs by building professional NGO websites. We’re adding more features, focused on providing professional information, timely editorials, and community-building tools for your website so that your supporters keep coming back for more.

In just about 10 days, we’ll build a new, crisp NGO website with professional look & information. Right now, we have built over 100 professional NGO websites for major NGOs in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our expertise in NGO websites and our continued focus on providing better services are drawing many more NGOs each day. Whether your projects or services are meant to help AIDS Infected/affected, Children living on Streets, Watershed or Cooperatives, you’ll find unique websites focused on these issues developed by our team of Social Work professionals, at GenieWebs.com.

We understand NGOs / Nonprofits! We understand Fundraising !

Let's Get Started !! Take a small step today and contact us NOW and we will provide a completely new way of receiving Funds for your NGO / Nonprofit.

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