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NGO Website Redesign

Is your NGO / Nonprofit website looking like an extension of your organization's brochures?

Is your NGO / Nonprofit website looking like an extension of your organization's brochures? While National organizations with high name recognition and credibility and Small net savvy NGOs are winning online funds, why do you want your NGO to be left out??

Is your site accomplishing all that you would like it to? Is it :
  • increasing membership?
  • helping you raise online donations?
  • providing the right information about your vision/mission, your organisation, your activities?
  • generated more than 5,000 visitors per year?
  • able to give important updates, latest news available to the users?
  • Is your site providing a return on investment?
If the answer to most of these questions is a big NO ?

It's Time you Redesigned your Website!

Let's Get Started !! Take a small step today and contact us NOW and we will provide a completely new way of receiving Funds for your NGO / Nonprofit.

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