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Read our Blog on "How to Professionalise your NGO and Attract more Funding and Donations"and send us your Feedback / Comments
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Check out a few Video Interviews of the Actual Responses / Benefits received by our featured NGO Clients on their Websites:

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Word World Wide Publications - for NGOs
  Read 'Word World Wide Publishers' - NGO Books and Get Knowledge / Information that can help you Transform your NGO and get Funds / Donations
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Search Engine Optimization

Just creating a good, functional website is not going to serve the purpose. If you would like a large number of visitors to find out about your Non-profits, Educational Institutions, Engineering Colleges, Schools, Colleges, Jewellery Showrooms, Clothes Showrooms, Furniture Showrooms, Software Companies, Real Estate Companies,

Try GenieWebs Search Engine Optimization Service.
You will be amazed to experience the power of search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc.

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